One of the key purposes of the Downhilka 12h Challenge is to act socially responsible. The organizers therefore connected with the Foundation for Athletes from socially weak environment, which operates under the auspices of the Slovenian Olympic Committee.

In the event of a profit, one third of it will go to the Foundation, as well as the entire amount that each competitor will contribute to. Each round of the Downhilka 12h Challenge will bring an extra euro to the charity fund. An exhibition run by invitees is scheduled an hour before the start of the race and will bring 10 euros to the charity fund for each round of each skier. The amount raised by the competitors and invitees will be donated to the charity by the Downhilka in association with Ilka Štuhec ski school and ASK Branik.

Welcome to the Downhilka 12 hours Challenge. Where you can unite fun, competition and charity.

In preparation…


foto: Uroš Leva,